John Prine (1971)

Image result for john prine albumA Recent Revelation

Bob Dylan once called John Prine ‘pure Proustian existentialism’. He’s actually like a more modest Hank Williams with a major in Philosophy, but Dylan is essentially right. I first bought this album and never gave it a proper listen and, while deeming his tunes funny, uncommonly mature, and satisfying, I never fully realised the depth of those meaningful waters beneath the whistleable surface until further listens.

Loudon Wainrwight, in ‘Talkin’ New Bob Dylan Blues’, chooses Prine as one of the people (along with himself) listed and categorised in their era as Dylan-ites (his ‘dumbass kid brothers’). Unlike Dylan, however, Prine’s modesty is the reason he’s not afraid to frame himself as the bigoted and flawed American narrator; and more-so than Dylan, he finds the redemption in those characters. Though complex in his own, unassuming way, he identifies with the simple man. When talking about political issues, he is never conceitedly overwrought (see Dylan’s Masters of War) but is instead hilariously funny and therefore more insightful. But he’s a poet and he sure dun’ know it.

Maybe we can thus conclude: Whilst writers like Dylan flourished in the rapidly changing, hopeful colours of the 1960’s, Prine flourishes in the 70s’ dull beige-browns of ironic, but cheerful acceptance. This country-ish debut, though, finds him still with flecks of those hopeful colours in his eyes as he sits on his hay bale throne, before he took his Sweet Revenge.


7 thoughts on “John Prine (1971)

  1. Yeah, sometimes once an album has really been blown up by the critics, I feel like taking a step back. That’s why I didn’t get fully into the Beatles for so long. But I’ve just bought most of their albums and posts will be coming… Sweet Revenge is a good Prine album (slightly tougher) if this one doesn’t quite do it for ya. 😀

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  2. Well, I gave this a listen and I’m afraid it’s just too country-ish for me. I know that ‘Hello in There’ is considered somewhat of a classic and I gave it a spin. But overall not my cup of tea. Sweet Revenge?

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  3. I must say, before I got more into country, this too was a little too countryish for me, but I think he uses it more as a frame for his own ideas, rather than being just a genre album. Sweet Revenge (his next album, I think) is slighlty more rock-ish and angry… Cheers for stopping by 😀

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